6 Ways to Incorporate Your Pets Into Your Wedding
August 29, 2021

We love our #BellaBaxter Pets!

Here at Bella Baxter Events, we are huge pet people, especially dogs! We love it when our clients want to incorporate their furry friends into their wedding. If they’re a huge part of your lives, why not integrate them into your special day? Your wedding is supposed to look and feel like you, so your pets can be a part of it too! Now how can we make these fur babies be a part of the wedding in special and unique ways? Well Bella Baxter Events has the answer and is here to help! Here are 6 ways you can incorporate your pets into your wedding:

1. Bring them to your engagement session!

If you’re having engagement photos taken, why not bring your pet to be in some of the shots? Just make sure the location you’re having your photo session at is pet friendly. You also should bring a friend or family member that the pet is comfortable around to watch them while you and your fiance are having photos taken. 

2. Put them on your Save the Dates!

Did your pet join you on your engagement photo session? Do you have a cute photo of you and your pet? You can put those on your save the dates! Save the dates are a great spot to put photos, especially photos of your cute fur baby. Save the dates are typically less formal than your wedding invitations, so it’s a great way to incorporate those cute photos of you all. Want to be a little extra? Have your save the dates painted in watercolor of you, your fiance, and cute pet! Such a cute and fun way to be different and make these invites special. 

3. Name your signature cocktails after your pets!

One way to incorporate your pet on the actual wedding day is to name some signature cocktails after your pets! It’s such a cute and personal touch to have at your wedding. You can then have a cute sign printed up with a picture of your pets with the name and ingredients of the cocktail. 

4. Put your pets on your wedding cake!

Want to make your wedding cake have a small personal touch? Incorporate your pets! Whether it’s your two dogs sticking out of the bottom of the cake, the wedding cake topper, or even a dog shaped groom’s cake! The options are endless! 

5. Have custom cookies done as wedding favors!

Wanting to have favors to give your guests at your wedding? How about custom cookies? Find a local cookie decorator near you and have them create some fun custom cookies for your wedding! You can have one of your pets, your wedding date, or something in your wedding colors. Who doesn’t love a cute yummy cookie?

6. Bring your pet to the actual wedding!

Can’t stand the idea of leaving your pet on your special day? Have them come to the wedding! Who doesn’t love a dog at a wedding? Just make sure you get it approved from your wedding venue and that you have a designated person in charge of the pet the entire time. 

It’s all about the little details that make your wedding special and personal. Incorporating your pets into the wedding day is such a special touch. Get creative and have fun with it!



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