Meet The Bella Baxter Team: Sara Beth Raab
September 23, 2020

Well, hey ya’ll!

I’m Sara Beth! I am Memphis based since 2001, but I come from God’s Country – The Great Smokey Mountains, Maryville, to be exact. I’m the proud mother of two kiddos, Maddox (9) and Sienna (12), and a fur baby cat, Molly-Wally-Doodle-All-A-Day (1ish).

As a fan of learning, I have a meandering higher education path focusing on marketing, communications, and art!  I am never a fan of walking in a straight line, so I like to gather higher education credits like a squirrel gathers acorns in fall.  

Fun Fact: 
My parents owned a photography franchise company, and I had been doing studio photography since 14, published by 15ish.  Finally, I was bit by the wedding bug at my first wedding I photographed at age 16!  So, I started my photography company by 22, which I ran for 7 years before switching careers!  So, basically,  I’ve been doing weddings for 9452394820395798 years.

Horses. Oh, horses, the terrible addiction for which there is no cure.  I grew up eventing, which is the craziest sport, much like a triathlon for horses and riders.  I still ride as often as I can, and my current equine project is Always a Lady ++++// ( All the dashes and plus signs basically means she’s like really fancy and does well in shows).  It’s the sport you never master, and I love every second of it.      

My Path to BBSE:

hold a few roles at BBSE; I was brought on in 2019 as a creative and business development director and events manager.   I help oversee the artistic direction in the photo and videos produced for our youtube channel or magazine shoots. Katherine will also join our heads to discuss business development plans.  I will also step in as a lead planner for events!  I love love love working with this ridiculously talented and dedicated team.  Having such a robust team of professionals is inspiring, and working together to execute events for our clients is just a blast. 

Favorite Part of a Wedding: 

The first dances GET ME almost every time.  It’s such a sweet celebration of love and that moment with music is always just straight out of a movie, and it makes me swoon … maybe cry a little.  No matter how many weddings you are a part of, LOVE is always so beautiful! 



BBSE Team Photography By

Christen Jones Photography


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