Wedding Traditions: To Keep or Not To Keep?
January 9, 2021

There are so Many Wedding                                 TRADITIONS out there!

Some are still loved today, while others may be considered old school. We have a list of wedding traditions and how to modernize them (if you want!), cause you know we love to shake things up here at Bella Baxter! 


The Groom can’t see the Bride until she walks down the aisle.

Weddings today have modernized that idea and have started doing a First Look. You still get that special moment of seeing your partner for the first time, but in a private and more intimate setting. Plus you can get all your photos out of the way so you can enjoy your party!


Brides MUST wear a long white veil. 

Whether you love this idea, or hate the idea of veils, wear what you want! That’s the most important thing. Whether you wear a veil, a cape, or even a tiara, it’s important that you feel AMAZING in what you’re wearing. Don’t like white? Then don’t wear white! Wear what makes you comfortable and what makes you feel beautiful. 


Bridesmaids all have to wear the same thing.

WRONG! Weddings today have been incorporating different bridesmaids dresses into the look. It can be the same dress but different necklines, different dresses but the same color, or completely different dresses altogether! Whatever you choose is what’s right. 


Walking down the aisle to any song titled  “Bridal Chorus”.

Walk down the aisle to a song you love! Whether the song has special meaning to you and your fiance or it’s just a song you find really pretty, choose songs you love for your ceremony. 


Weddings HAVE to be in religious institutions.

Unless you’re a religious person (or even if you are religious), you can get married anywhere! Wedding venues are popping up all over the place. Go find one that fits your vision!


Weddings MUST be held in the evening and offer a dinner. 

In reality, Weddings can be held any time of day. Want to save money and not offer a meal? Host a 2pm wedding. Not a night owl & love breakfast foods? Have a brunch wedding. Choose a time that fits with what you’re envisioning and your budget.


Weddings MUST be on Saturdays. 

So this Saturday wedding thing, hasn’t been around forever. It’s actually a relatively new thing for people to think they HAVE to get married on a Saturday. Lately people have been changing things up with the day their weddings are on. We have been seeing lots of couples choose Sunday or even Friday OR even WEEKDAY weddings (crazy I know, but it’s allowed).  You should pick what is best for you! Non Saturday days are a bit different from the norm and sometimes  may even be cheaper since it’s a less popular day for your wedding vendors!


I think you’re seeing the overall theme here! Whether you love these wedding traditions or not, it’s important to make Your Wedding YOURS. All that matters is that your wedding resembles and showcases your love story!



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From Memphis with Love : Alex & JG

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