Why You Should Do A First Look At Your Wedding
February 1, 2021

First Looks Can Be Magic

Seeing your partner for the first time at your wedding is such a special moment. Whether you do a first look or go the more traditional route, it’s truly a wonderful memory and moment between two people in love. Are you debating whether to have a first look or not at your wedding? Well we can help you decide! Here are some reasons why you should consider doing a first look.

A First Look is More Intimate & Personal

  • If you choose to do a first look, it is a much more intimate experience than having your first look during the ceremony. It’s just you, your partner, your photographer, and your videographer. 
  • There’s no pressure and you don’t have a million eyes on you two. 
  • This moment isn’t rushed. You can spend it together soaking up every emotion and feeling rather than going straight into your ceremony. 
  • Your wedding is going to be filled with lots of people. Friends and family will be around you the entire wedding, so take those moments to enjoy being just you two. 

A First Look Allows You to Get All Your Photos Done Early

  • You can get most of your photos (if not all of them) out of the way BEFORE your ceremony! 
  • Any remaining photos will be family photos you didn’t get before and some newlywed portraits of you two. 
  • With photos done, you can enjoy more of your reception! You’ve spent all of this time, energy, and money on your wedding, you should be able to enjoy it! Think about how many photos you will take on your wedding day: your couple portraits, wedding party, your family, their family, etc. So many photos that you can get done before you even get married! Not doing a first look means at least an hour after the ceremony dedicated to photos. 
  • Your wedding will go by so fast so be present in every moment of it and enjoy it!

A First Look Can Take Away the Nerves

  • It’s SO normal to be nervous on your wedding day. Everyone gets nervous. It’s a big and special day! A first look can help take away those nerves. Seeing your partner can take that edge and nervousness off and you can just enjoy every moment. 
  • Plus you can hang out together the rest of the day. You don’t have to worry about accidentally being seen or hiding in a room. 

Walking Down the Aisle will Still Be Special if You do a First Look

  • Just because you do a first look doesn’t mean it will take away that special moment of you walking down the aisle and seeing each other. While it’s not the first time you’ve seen each other that day, it’s still an emotional and happy moment. 
  • You’re going to be overwhelmed with emotion on your wedding day. This moment will still be just as special. You’re about to marry the love of your life!

As a wedding planner we want what’s best for you and your partner! Regardless if you do a first look or wait until the ceremony, it’s going to be special and filled with emotion. If you’re on the fence about doing a first look, I hope these reasons convince you! It just allows you to be more flexible, not feel rushed, and it allows you to fully soak in every moment of your wedding day. It’s your wedding so you should enjoy it! 





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